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  • Hydrogen Technologies for you

      0def54ed2644_bsam-09-20105d-2Hydrogen - the most common in nature gas. It is most commonly found in various compounds, but most of it in water. Easy access makes it possible to use it in a broad human life. Hydrogen generators allow to obtain, without limitation clean energy source - gas Brown. This invention minimizes the production costs and reduces unwanted emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere when burning.

    How does it work?

    Under the influence of the DC to water (H2O), it is a process of electrolysis. This releases two independent components - NN and O forming gas NGO. Manufactured Brown gas can be used as a valuable energy source. You can use it for all household needs:
    • as fuel for cars;
    • how the heating system for the house;
    • As natural gas for the kitchen;
    • as well as for welding, brazing, cutting and burning.
    Interest in the oxygen-hydrogen mixture constantly gaining momentum.
  • The fuel economy for your car up to 35% of the HHO generator

    KIT HHO - Hydrogen Generator

    Fuel rises in price every day. With the hydrogen generator, you can save up to 35%. Today it is the best option. Environmental requirements applicable in the automotive industry has become a priority. Reduce fuel consumption and lower CO2 exhaust, reducing negative effects on the environment are extremely important. Is there a system that allows you to reduce fuel consumption? Absolutely. It is well-known and voltroliz electrolysis of water. As a result, we have produced two components - hydrogen + oxygen (HHO)
  • Heating and gas furnace using hydrogen generators

    Careful attention to himself won another novelty!

    It is now possible to use hydrogen generators in homes and industrial buildings:5070_1290579825
    • the heating system;
    • everything for the gas stove in the kitchen.
    Using hydrogen technology, low-cost home maintenance is guaranteed. As practice shows, the cost will be minimal. The very nature allows us to produce hydrogen from the environment using safe and environmentally friendly technologies. An excellent alternative and became Brown's gas NGO consisting of one oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms. When burning Brown's gas gives more heat than ordinary hydrogen.
  • Hydrogen welding, brazing and cutting

    Hydrogen is used in soldering, cutting and welding metal.

    hot_bComparing hydrogen technology to those used in conventional welding, it can be said that it is absolutely harmless. Where there is no source of electricity, it is appropriate to use acetylene cylinders and generators. However, the gas-welding equipment is heavy. There is a solution - a familiar settings can be forgotten if they come to replace the light hydrogen vehicles.

    Learning how to operate a hydrogen

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