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Heating and gas furnace using hydrogen generators

Careful attention to himself won another novelty!

It is now possible to use hydrogen generators in homes and industrial buildings:5070_1290579825

  • the heating system;
  • everything for the gas stove in the kitchen.

Using hydrogen technology, low-cost home maintenance is guaranteed. As practice shows, the cost will be minimal.

The very nature allows us to produce hydrogen from the environment using safe and environmentally friendly technologies. An excellent alternative and became Brown’s gas NGO consisting of one oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms. When burning Brown’s gas gives more heat than ordinary hydrogen.

Heating homes

A simple example.

Our installation consumes 1.5-2.5 kW / h of electricity.

  • When the outside temperature to + 4 ° C, the generator will operate only 3-6 hours per day.
  • In temperatures down to -6 ° C, while it is running will not exceed 6-8 hours.
  • But you will need about 12 hours to heat the house in the colder days, when the temperature dropped to -20 ° C.

What is needed to buy the owner of the house, to build an autonomous heating system:

  • electrolyzer;
  • Hydrogen boiler;
  • circulation pump.

The content of 200-300 m2 premises would be cost-effective, and calculations you can do yourself.

What are the positive aspects of such a facility?otoplenie-doma-vodorodom

  1. First and foremost, it is important to understand that the generator shows an efficiency of over 90%. Yet no one type of conventional heating can not exceed this result.
  2. The issue of environmental and safety issues are also taken into account. When the hydrogen burner emits only a harmless vapor, so that neither the environment nor the humans do not suffer.
  3. No flame, and silent operation of the burner. A compound of hydrogen with oxygen generates thermal energy, which is supplied to the heat exchanger. The simplest scheme is ideal for residential buildings, where there is even a chimney.

Prospects for the use of hydrogen generators for domestic use is developing day by day, so the world economy promise a great rise, which explain a decrease in the cost of obtaining this type of fuel.



Hydrogen hob cooker

40988A tempting alternative to conventional gas. This ring can be arranged for each family. Especially appreciate it in rural areas, where there is no gas pipeline conducted, but there is electricity.

If you can not imagine your kitchen without heavy propane gas cylinders that take up space and require constant monitoring and compliance with safety regulations, you can breathe a sigh of relief. The appearance of the new plates, running on hydrogen generator will be familiar.

Additionally, you can choose from two options work the one that would be most suitable:

  • production of hydrogen by means of electricity and water;
  • the production of hydrogen by chemical reaction of components H and O.

 Practicality of installation and savings there.

Concerned about the issue of security?

A few words about them. The device is completely absent hydrogen plate intermediate storage of combustible mixture. The produced hydrogen instantly enters the burner and burns. But the burners on the city gas is much more dangerous, because it is a mixture of oxygen gas.

If the world will contribute to the development of this unique technology, creating favorable conditions for its implementation in our life, it is very close to the future in which the traditional heating depart on the back burner.


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