Electrolyzer BEС-1500

Main characteristics

  • Fuel economy20-35%
  • Development HHO gas1400-1600 мл3
  • Power12 вольт/24 вольт
  • Dimensions 110 х 110 х 110 мм
  • Steel gradeINOX 316L (нержавеющая сталь)
  • Thread fittings1/4 дюйма (газовая резьба)
  • Warranty lifetime2 года


Electrolyzer for the production of Brown’s gas, install it, you can save fuel.

Today it is the best choice for fuel economy on a car, they can increase mileage, reduce exhaust emissions, improve performance and make the most efficient operation of any internal combustion engine.

The device is made of 13 steel plates (316L) and produces 1400 ml3 Brown gas. It can be used on 12- and 24-volt equipment.

Power consumption 8 Amp.

It is appropriate for any application in cars and trucks.

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