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The fuel economy for your car up to 35% of the HHO generator

KIT HHO – Hydrogen Generator

Fuel rises in price every day. With the hydrogen generator, you can save up to 35%. Today it is the best option.
Environmental requirements applicable in the automotive industry has become a priority. Reduce fuel consumption and lower CO2 exhaust, reducing negative effects on the environment are extremely important.
Is there a system that allows you to reduce fuel consumption? Absolutely. It is well-known and voltroliz electrolysis of water. As a result, we have produced two components – hydrogen + oxygen (HHO)

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^3048C6C8261BBB93C0F9B164FCA89EA281725F536AB4A032A5^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrManufactured Brown’s gas is supplied through the drain manifold into the combustion chamber and piston group, where it is mixed with the primary fuel (diesel, gas, methane, gasoline). The octane number of a fuel-air mixture is increased – the produced relationship occurs Brown gas with a hydrocarbon fuel. As a result, the air-fuel mixture is enriched atomic hydrogen and oxygen, and this contributes to a more efficient ignition and combustion, reduce the amount of discharged pollutants.
The installation is quite simple NGOs in the device.
Using instruction every motorist who can handle the tool can independently make installation and adjustment of installation.


Technological process:

During the experiments revealed some interesting facts: the interaction of Brown’s gas increases with the hydrocarbon fuel efficiency of the engine, knocking disappears, the engine becomes more intake capacity (softer works), since hydrogen has a very high combustion rate. Described studies show that very small amount of Brown’s gas added to the air-fuel mixture, gives savings of up to 35%.

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The work of NGOs generator in your car

To provide a hydrogen-powered engine, a special system. Your car will be easily retrofitted and installed on it a whale generator NGOs. As a result, change the environmental performance:
• reduce fuel consumption;
• decrease CO2 exhaust;
• disappears detonation.
We can help you improve the car so that significantly reduce consumption and reduce the toxicity of spent fuel and the savings on the sensor level will be noticeable from the first kilometers.



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