KIT BEC-2500

Main characteristics

  • Fuel economy20-35%
  • Development HHO gas2500 мл3
  • Power12/24 вольт
  • Dimensions 215 х 180 х 85 мм
  • Steel gradeINOX 316L (нержавеющая сталь)
  • Thread fittings3/8 дюйма
  • Warranty lifetime2 года


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The kit KIT -2500 includes:

  • electrolyzer;
  • a water reservoir;
  • Babler;
  • two electric cables;
  • terminals and lugs;
  • safety valve;
  • 50 g Potassium (sodium hydroxide);
  • vinyl chloride pipe – 1.5 meters;
  • Plastic collars.

Kit produces 2400 ml3 Brown gas. It can be used on 12- and 24-volt equipment.

Power consumption 10-15 Amp.

It is appropriate for any application in cars and trucks.

It can also be used in conjunction electrolyzers 3-4 pieces – such installation is used as a welding apparatus, as well as heating for their own needs.

Separately, a whale can be equipped with a pulse modulator PMW.

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