Electrolyzer DC-8000 T

Main characteristics

  • Fuel economy20-35%
  • Development HHO gas3300 мл3
  • Power24 вольта
  • Dimensions 200 x 200 x 240 мм
  • Steel gradeINOX 316L (нержавеющая сталь)
  • Thread fittings0,5 дюйма
  • Warranty lifetime2 года


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This type of generator is designed to be mounted on trucks, buses, boats, construction equipment

HHO hydrogen generator is designed and manufactured in accordance with the technical standards of industrial production.

Technical data and further information:

Generator Type: Dry Cell (dry cell).
Standard sizes: 200x200x240 mm.
Plates: 43.
Voltage: 24V.
The strength of the current: 22,5A 24.
Maximum current: 25A 24V.
Power: 620W.
The total area of ​​gas production: 7580 cm2.
Production of Hydrogen: 3.3 liters per minute (22,5A – 24).
The kit includes all the necessary accessories for installation:

– Generator HHO Gas – Dry Cell with 43 plates in stainless steel 316L.

– Installation Manual in English (E-book for download).

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