Hydrogen welding and safety regulations when working with it

Throughout the century gas welding has been used successfully in production and household. All this time, as the main fuel used acetylene, but modern studies have a clear picture of exactly what hydrogen was more productive. Not only the quality of the weld becomes the best, but also the technology work easier.

Learning hydrogen welding easy.

If you’re familiar with the conventional apparatus, no difficulty will arise. But even people without special skills it will be under the force

It is important to observe the rules, which will make the work safe

Be sure to check with them and use at work.

  1. Gas welding can be done away from flammable substances and flammable objects. If the planned work indoors or boilers, it is important from time to time to go to the air, making breaks. Harmful gases are removed. For this purpose, special pumps are used.
  2. Make sure that the outside of the process of watching the second man.
  3. Special glasses. They are necessary to protect the eyes when working with welding or cutting metal. Professional welders know that the bright rays detrimental effect on the circulatory system, and the retina of the eye. A waste slag and spatter to open the eyes are dangerous.
  4. In areas where work is done with welding, it is inadmissible to store oxygen cylinders and other explosive devices.
  5. The burner flame should be directed to the power supply. Sometimes this condition exigeant – in this case, make a partition of the metal shield. If there is a break in the work, the flame is fully extinguished.
  6. The generator is important to establish in a room with good ventilation. And the temperature should be between + 5 ° C.
  7. It is also necessary to control the serviceability of the water gate.

If you follow these simple rules, work with welding of any technology will be safe.

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