Free energy technologies and human life

Free energy technology and life

It’s no secret that the Earth’s resources are limited. As humanity will live after? Whether the search is underway for new energy sources? Alternative fuel-less energy systems exist for a long time. And for many it is not a secret. Then why they are missing on the market? In fact there are good reasons.

Today, self-generating electric discharge theoretical developments exist, they have been described and justified in practice. It becomes clear that the power generation system can exist in both small and large scale.

But! About these developments purposefully silent for the sake of selfish interests of the minority, which keeps under control the whole world.
Documentary base, which falls into the hands of scientists, says that the company deliberately misinformed. Hiding the facts and research that could make life on Earth entirely different, change beyond recognition. But this is -A great chance for the liberation of mankind from hunger and catastrophic environmental changes, which, unfortunately, is not far off.

There is a demand, there will be supply

What is the “free energy”

It is the ability to flick a particular body system. In a closed system the energy moves continuously. An example of this – a perpetual motion machine. No misunderstandings arise about his work. Is not it? And all because the way the energy input, sets it in motion, is known – is a mechanical action, for example, a light push. Likewise, it is running and solar battery. For her, the starting point of reference (ie. E. Push) is an external source (the sun).
Taking into account only the geometric component, it can be said that the energy flows in a closed circle. You can not even take into account the concepts associated with the gravity and the passage of time.

This means that a perpetual motion machine – not a fantasy, but when delineating need three components of modern physics: eternity, time and causality, which will go hand in hand with the philosophy and religion.

As soon as the technology of free energy will go into life, the entire production will be independent of the allocation of resources, which are under control. It is not difficult to guess that these latest biotechnology raise us to a high level of consciousness and development.
Today it is impossible to assume that this will be the case with the concepts of “power” and “statehood”. But one thing is clear – as soon as alternative energy will break into the market, sweeping away everything in its path of fuel and energy monopoly, people’s lives will be different.

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