Features Brown gas

The chemical formula of Brown’s gas that is different from hydrogen used in industry, NGOs. In it, one component is oxygen, and two – hydrogen. Formula of water vapor appears in the same ratio of elements.

Speaking of hydrogen and oxygen, in each molecule is composed of two atoms (Н2 and О2). Of course, these proportions are more stable, but before the conversion to ordinary water gas is divided into atoms.

It is observed in the gas Brown monatomic state in which each molecule one atom.

Upon combustion of atomic hydrogen, we observe the reaction with oxygen, which allows the maximum amount of energy released. Therefore, when compared to such a process of burning the hydrogen with the combustion process, which is present in the molecular formula, the energy release exceeds 3.8 times.

It is this feature of Brown’s gas has become attractive for use in internal combustion engines. It is now possible:

  • increase of engine power;
  • more efficient combustion;
  • maximizing run using the same amount of fuel;
  • reduction of emissions.

It is safe to say that monatomic hydrogen gas Braun acts as a powerful catalyst. Now, more efficient combustion of the fuel will pass.


  • When electrolyzers produced gas is not pure, but some impurities hydrogen and oxygen molecules. Studies show that the better the electrolyzer, the better he will be able to develop the gas.
  • It is important that the electrolyser is not warming up. During the creation of ions during electrolysis absorbed energy. A heat is generated at the time of inverse conversion of ions in the molecule.
  • After some time, positively charged hydrogen ions and negatively charged oxygen ions are again connected, so the percentage of the gas generation decreases. That is why Brown’s gas is used immediately, store it can not be.
  • Gas Brown different double volume of the same number of molecules. This indicates such high performance.

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